3412A004-19 - Top Gas Burner for Maytag Range

3412A004-19 - Top Gas Burner for Maytag Range
Item# 3412A004-19

Product Description

New double gas burner for Maytag, 3412A004-19.

This double burner design is not to be used with sealed burner style models.

Replaces part numbers: TJER3412A00419, AP5180469, 0300-252, 0300248, 0300250, 0300252, 0300253, 0300254, 10-9197, 1430218, 300-248, 300-250, 300-252, 300-253, 300-254, 300252, 3412A001-19, 3412A001-23, 3412A001-23K, 3412A004-19, 3412A004-23, 3412W001-23, 559-132, 56-40254, 56-40254-1, 56-40254-2, 56-40254-3, 56-74254, 56-74254-1, 56-74254-2, 56-74254-3, ER3412A00419, W10124421, Y0300248, Y0300250, Y0300252, Y0300253, Y0300254.

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